Dear Wilton Family,

Wow, it’s been a full year since this all began. 

As we reflect on these last twelve months, I wanted to take a moment to say how honored we, the WSA team, have been to serve our community – over Zoom and from a distance of course! – through the ups and downs of this very unique time. 

We have been humbled by and appreciate the dedication of our town leaders, volunteers, school administrators and our friends and neighbors in soccer as we have sought to navigate all the uncertainty, working together for our children, for their families and for each other.  

The entire Wilton community and every one of you, our friends in Wilton Soccer, stepped up and embraced the unprecedented challenges that have stood in the way of providing opportunities for our kids to play, to compete and to grow through soccer experiences, even when it was far from obvious it would be possible. It wasn’t perfect, but our collective intentions were. 

The experience made our volunteer-lead organization stronger, but most important, it reminded us all just how valuable soccer and other physical and social activities are for children who need the joy and freedom they feel when they play. Never has our mission been so tested or so important. 

As we look ahead, we continue to believe (know) youth sports opportunities can be better, specifically for the children. Youth sports programs can serve every player AND the highly competitive players, the programs can be fun AND focused, they can be high quality AND affordable, they can be player-centric AND promote the lessons and camaraderie of a team, they can leave room for exploration of other activities as children grow and find their way, and finally, all of this can be accomplished locally.   We are working towards all of these goals in partnership with you, our Wilton Soccer family. 

We have everything we need to have an amazing program: an abundance of passionate players, fantastic in-town fields and a very supportive community.  We want every Wilton child to feel they can join, participate and excel.  We want our parents to be confident their child is part of something great and enriching that has benefits on and off the field. We will continue to foster and promote the #onetownoneteam feeling that makes our Wilton Soccer family special. 

If your child has never played before, encourage them to try. If your players are returning from prior seasons with WSA or from playing elsewhere away from their friends, we are excited and grateful to welcome them back. If you are trying to decide where your child should play, either for this spring season or for next fall, ask your child what matters most to them and let their feelings be your guide. And of course, consider us a resource with your child’s best interests at heart to help answer questions about the best path forward for your player and your family.  

It’s almost here… a fresh season. Kickoff is early April.  Spring season registration is open for a few more weeks.  Registration for our Fall 2021 tryouts/season will open soon as well.  

Thanks so much for all your support.  We couldn’t be more excited for the future. 



Please visit for more information, or to register your player or to volunteer.