Overview of the K-2/3 Intramural Program

This program introduces the children of Wilton to the world’s most popular sport. Offering programs for kindergarten, first and second grade players (K-2), our Intramural soccer program is an all-inclusive and developmentally appropriate soccer experience. With the largest number of participants (over 450 players each season), we regard this as the foundation for our overall town soccer program.

The WSA offers this program under the direction and guidance of Mickey Kydes Soccer (MKS), and utilizes a hybrid coaching model that combines professional coaching with parent coaching. MKS develops the curriculum and provides professional coaches who train our players in clinic style sessions. Parent coaches provide game day guidance and supervision. The fundamental basis for MKS Intramural training is for players to have fun, problem solve, develop basic soccer and life skills in a structured environment.

MKS has over 25 years of on field experience and MKS curriculums are customized by taking into consideration the children’s developmental stages, with an emphasis on soccer skills, decision making, responsibility, sportsmanship and fun. MKS sole focus is on the children, providing a structured and organized environment and skill development that ensures that that each child participating in our clinics develops a love for the game, has fun, feels good, and can’t wait to come back for the next time.


  • Players train one day per week in a clinic format for 1 hour, grouped by gender and grade. Professional coaches run training sessions.
  • One game per week, on Saturday mornings. Parent coaches coach on game day.
  • Team jersey provided by WSA.
  • Two separate seasons: Fall & Spring.
  • Teams are balanced and rostered by the league director. No tryouts.
  • Teams play against other Wilton teams in town only.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Soudagar, VP Intramural (K-2), at [email protected].

General Information for Parents & Players

Registration Information

  • Medical Info: Medical authorizations are now completed online at registration. There are no medical forms to gather; however, registration information given to you contains confidential information and may not be disclosed to players or other parents in the case of grades 2 and up.
  • WSA Code of Conduct: Please ensure that parents read this form because you are agreeing to it during the registration process.
  • Each team will be assigned a soccer team name in hopes that they will learn and watch this team throughout the season.

Uniforms & Equipment

  • Jerseys will be handed out before the first game
  • Shorts
  • Socks – Soccer socks are to be worn over the shin guards.
  • Footwear – Cleats are not required. If they have cleats great, if not, sneakers will suffice. Absolutely NO baseball cleats with the “center front” cleat on the shoe. This is for safety reasons.
  • No jewelry should be worn during any games or practices
  • U6, U7 & U8 all use a size 3 ball.

Game Information

  • Referees (U8): Remind players of the role of the referees – they are to help the kids learn the rules of the game and to ensure that play is safe. Make sure players and parents know they are to listen to the refs, not argue with them – Be a role model of this behavior!
  • Timing: The referee and the teams must be at the field 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time. If there is no referee present at kick-off time, the two coaches will appoint an acting referee and the game will start on time. Cases where a referee does not appear, or is late should be reported to the League’s Referee Coordinator and the Vice President of Intramurals.
  • Sidelines: Parents and spectators on one side of the field, coaches and players on the opposite side of the field. No more than two adults per team are allowed on the players’ side of the field.
  • Substitutions: Substitutions may be made at ANY stoppage in play as long as permission is received from the referee. All subs will enter the field of play from the mid-line after the referee waves them in.
  • Overtime: No overtime will be played if the game is tied at the end of regulation play.
  • Duties of the Referees (U8): (1) Enforce the rules of the game. (2) Be the official timekeeper for each match. (3) Use yellow cards for warnings and red cards for ejections. All complaints about refereeing should be made to the Vice President of Intramurals. Many of our referees are learning and deserve the support of coaches, parents and players. Referees are to be treated courteously at all times.
  • The WSA is committed to sportsman like competition in an encouraging environment. To that end, please remember the “6 point rule”: if your team is ahead by 6 points, please take action to give the other side a fair chance to score. Ideas include – requiring your team to only use their left foot, team must have 3 direct passes before scoring, switch strikers with defenders.
  • Equal Playing Time for all players: An integral part of the philosophy of the intramural program is that all players should play an equal amount of time in each game, regardless of skill level.
  • www.wiltonsoccer.info Please commit the following number to memory or at least place it on your fridge: 221-2216. If there is inclement weather, these will be your resources, for both practices and games, to know whether the fields are open. Coaches will not be contacting parents in this situation. Field closure is also on the home page of the Website and is updated at the same time as the phone line. Please note it will be updated by 7 am on Saturdays and 1 pm during the week. If you hear a date that has past then there are no new updates and it will be updated when we hear from Parks and Rec. They are the ones who open and close all fields.
  • Lost and Found- there is a menu tab on the WSA website homepage labeled “Exchange.” In this section you can post found or lost items. We hope you find this useful.
  • Trash: Please clean up any trash around the field after your games (even if it was there when you arrived).

 Clinic Information for Parents & Players 

Program Emphasis

  • Basic skill development
  • Personal development
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Small sided team play
  • Fun-enjoyment

Player Responsibilities

  • Bring an inflated soccer ball – no ball, no skills
  • Bring soccer shoes and shin guards – SAFETY
  • We will not let a child participate if we feel it is unsafe
  • Bring water
  • Be on time
  • Have a good attitude
  • Pick up your garbage
  • Have fun


  • Please drop off and pick up children on the field, on time
  • Parents are welcome to observe all sessions
  • Stay off training area during sessions (at least a 10 yard cushion)
  • Viewing on one side of field only (by the tree at Allen’s Meadow)
  • For cancelations call the hotline: 203-221-2216
  • Coaches are free for questions before and after sessions – NOT DURING sessions!

Game Rules

Wilton K-2nd Grade REC SOCCER Soccer Developmental Clinics

Program Emphasis:

  • Personal Development
  • Basic Skill Development
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making – Independent Thinkers
  • Small sided team play
  • Fun – Enjoyment

Player Responsibilities:



ü Bring an inflated soccer ball – no ball, no skills

ü Bring soccer shoes and shin guards – SAFETY

– We will not let a child participate if we feel it is unsafe

ü Bring water

ü Be on time

ü Good Attitude

ü Pick up your garbage

ü Have Fun



§    Please drop off and pick up children on the field, on time

§    Parents are welcome to observe all sessions

§    Stay off training area during sessions (at least a 10-yard cushion)

§    Viewing on one side of field only (By the tree at Allen’s Meadow)

§    Please follow all parking area rules – Be very careful in parking lot!

§    For cancellations ___

§    Coaches are free for questions before and after sessions

–     Not during sessions!

Kydessoccer.com                                                     Wiltonsoccer.info

Week 1


Emphasis: Fun, Basic dribbling, decision making

Week 2

Emphasis: Keeping ball close to you, learning to use inside/outside of foot, scoring

Week 3

Emphasis: Different foot contacts

Week 4

Emphasis: Turning with sole, inside & outside of foot, shielding ball

Week 5

Emphasis: Passing, communication, awareness

Week 6

Emphasis: Running with the ball, Passing, scoring, awareness

Week 7

Emphasis: 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 attack and defend, scoring, awareness

Week 8

Emphasis: Fun, decision making, teamwork

GAME EMPHASIS:      1. Small Sided Scrimmages

  • Everybody is involved and running
  • Communication – Verbal & Visual
  • Decision Making – Think-Think-Think
  • FUN


Tots, Pre-K & Kindergarten

  1. A lot of breaks for water
  2. Easy fatigue, so need more breaks
  3. Keep instructions simple and clear
  4. Enthusiasm and praise
  5. Fun is important

1st and 2nd grades

  1. Easy fatigue, so need more breaks
  2. Keep instructions simple and clear
  3. Need generous praise, play without pressure
  4. They want everybody to like them
  5. Fun is important